Interview with Amanda Downsborough New Genomics

Tips from my fabulous friend

My fabulous friend Amanda Downsborough has just started a business based in Perth WA called New Genomics. She is a walking health encyclopedia! Once one of my kids had a rash all over their face and Amanda just looked at them and suggested that I cut dairy out of their diet for a week. So I did exactly that and the rash disappeared, and now I limit dairy for that particular child. This woman is just incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable and I’m so lucky she’s my friend! Here are a few completely random tips that I have sort of remembered just from hanging out with her:

-White spots on fingernails may mean you have a zinc deficiency

-Eat two Brazil nuts per day to make sure you get enough selenium (I can’t remember what selenium does but I do remember it’s good for you!)

-Eat fruit and vegetables all the colours of the rainbow


Interview with Amanda Downsborough- My kids and Amanda's kids made a rainbow fruit Christmas tree together!

My 4 kids and Amanda’s 3 kids made a rainbow fruit Christmas tree together!


-You should still wash the prepackaged salad that says it’s already washed on the packet

-Eating a low histamine diet may help alleviate hay fever symptoms

-Some of the vitamins and minerals sold at the shops aren’t that great, so research the best ones to buy (she has told me the good ones to buy!)

-Aluminium is the worst when it’s inhaled so a roll on deodorant with aluminium is better than a spray deodorant with aluminium in it

-Fly spray is bad and may cause cancer

-Kiwi fruit has something special in it that is really good for you that no other food has- I forgot what it is, but I DO remember to buy kiwi fruit now!



Interview with Amanda Downsborough- Fast forward 3 minutes: the remains of the fruit Christmas tree carcass

Fast forward 3 minutes: the remains of the fruit Christmas tree carcass


New Genomics


Amanda is an experienced midwife, child health nurse and now she is also a nutritionist offering New Genomics, a combination of Functional Medicine & Nutrigenomics to deliver exceptional personalised health care, which includes genetic testing. After thousands of hours of formal study, she completed a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine through University of Western States, USA, graduating with distinction. In a nutshell, you or your child get genetically tested, to find out what dodgy genes there may be, and have other tests to show how your body’s metabolism is working, what vitamins and minerals are lacking in the body, and how to fix it with particular foods and supplements- how amazing is that?!


Interview with Amanda Downsborough


My gorgeous friend Amanda Downsborough

My gorgeous friend Amanda Downsborough


What are the main conditions that you would be able to treat in kids?

Amanda Downsborough: I can treat kids with many different issues from autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, eczema, digestive problems, behavioural issues, sleep problems, autoimmunity, and more. The label isn’t as important as what is going on under the surface.


"The label isn't as important as what is happening under the surface." -Amanda Downsborough

“The label isn’t as important as what is happening under the surface.” -Amanda Downsborough



What is functional medicine?

Amanda Downsborough: Functional Medicine is a science-based approach to chronic health conditions, that seeks to discover how and why illness occurs. It addresses the underlying genetic, biochemical, and nutritional factors of disease to treat the cause, not just the symptoms.


Interview with Amanda Downsborough- Rainbow fruit kebabs that we made for Elijah's kindy graduation!

Rainbow fruit kebabs that we made for Elijah’s kindy graduation!


What is nutrigenomics?

Amanda Downsborough: Nutrigenomics is a term that describes how genes and nutrients interact. Genetic variations can alter the way in which nutrients are absorbed, metabolised, and eliminated. Identifying genes that aren’t working optimally allows us to support them to do what they are meant to do. It is the ultimate in personalised medicine and will be integrated into my practice in 2018.


"Eating healthy? Avoid foods that have a TV commercial." -Amanda Downsborough

“Eating healthy? Avoid foods that have a TV commercial.” -Amanda Downsborough


What supplements would children benefit from?

Amanda Downsborough: A significant number of children suffer from iron and/or zinc deficiency. Iron is vital for growth and healthy brain development and deficiency can result in irreversible damage to the brain. Zinc is needed for over 200 functions in the body including the immune system and energy production.


Interview with Amanda Downsborough- Some magical fruit wands that we made!

Some magical fruit wands that we made!


What are your top tips for new parents?

Amanda Downsborough: Breastfeed; introduce solids slowly and very carefully to catch any sensitivities; and get a second, third, or fourth opinion if you’re not satisfied with the health care of your family. The parent knows best!


Interview with Amanda Downsborough- These Christmas fruit kebabs didn't last long at all!

These Christmas fruit kebabs didn’t last long at all!


What should people be mindful of during the festive season?

Amanda Downsborough: Absolutely above all else, enjoy the time together with loved ones. Try to reduce stress; stress alone is a huge contributing factor to chronic disease. Eat food – real food, and not too much. Try to avoid artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. And as always, if you’re going to drink alcohol, drink sensibly.


What are your plans for next year?

Amanda Downsborough: In collaboration with a Functional Medicine Physician, I have plans to release webinars for the public in 2018. These will be a lot more affordable and loaded with information that people can use immediately to improve their health. Keep an eye out for Functional Medicine online.


Stress Less


You can follow Amanda’s Facebook page for more tips on keeping your family healthy HERE. What I love about this amazing lady, is that she is so down to earth. I’ll leave you with one last very important tip that I learned from Amanda, which is to not stress about healthy eating ideals. Stressing about not eating healthily enough, will probably kill you faster than eating unhealthily without stress. So don’t stress about it, just do your best with it! And have yourself a merry little Christmas!

Amanda Downsborough's interview in the Northern Valleys News

Amanda’s interview in the Northern Valleys News